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Top Gun for Hire

November 2021 wasn't much fun for the management team at FTG. Wrestling with CovidSafe protocols, trying to get a production on - Bloody Murder was about to open - so the last thing we needed was a collision.

At some point we believe a contractor carrying out work in the Overport carpark managed to collide with the group's shipping container and knock it off its blocks. Now, we're not pointing fingers but with a tare of 3000 kilograms, the physics say the impulse needed to move that much mass is quite considerable. Regrettably, after a series of enquiries, no-one admitted responsibility and so the group was left to address the problem.

Step forward Buchannan Cranes

After a few calls to local firms, FTG President, Angela Snelson got a call from a local towing firm who duly arranged a container repositioning.

It's always a delight to watch someone skilled in their craft and watching James was no exception. In a little over thirty minutes, he'd lifted the container and repositioned it on its blocks. A single shot, right first time and as close to perfectly level as you could imagine.

Sometimes being a kid at heart you can only watch in awe. The youngsters in the local play park certainly did so. And, if truth be told, this old bloke did so too.

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