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Murder most foul...

It seems like a lifetime ago, but the truth of the matter is, it was only five months - last December in fact - that our cast were treading the boards in BLOODY MURDER. For those who missed it, Ed Sala's hit comedy, brought to life under the deft handling of Director, Neil Barnett was a resounding success. The story of a group of archetypal characters from every classic 1950s detective novel, rebelling against their author. The result was Bloody Murder. Which way would the story turn next, who was the personification of the author and would the characters win in the end against the odds?

What most patrons didn't see was the hard work across the board by all the cast and crew. The disruption caused by the ever-changing Covid-19 lockdown regulations - would the show be allowed to go on at all? Ultimately, the production was rescheduled from July 2021 to November 2021, with barely a hiccup. The stoicism of the cast under such levels of uncertainty was amazing and ultimately the quality of the production reflected their determination.

In the end, George Brough, Annie Laurenson, Kirsty Hall, Lisa Johnson, Mark Moore & Michael Whitmore gave us all a fantastic theatrical ride. One which, thankfully, helped lift the sense of frustration for everyone who'd endured more than a year of lockdowns as the pandemic raged around us. To you, our patrons, we extend our thanks - without you we couldn't do what we do for fun!


What's next for FTG in 2022?

Coming up in the next three months is FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON. Based on Daniel Keyes 1959 short story, it tells the dramatic tale of Charlie and his interrelation with a laboratory mouse named Algernon - don't miss it, its going to be a corker!

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