Frankston Theatre Group is presenting Richard Bean's comedy classic One Man, Two Guvnors. 

In 1963 Brighton, out-of-work skiffle player Francis Henshall becomes separately employed by two men – Roscoe Crabbe, a gangster, and Stanley Stubbers, an upper class twit. Francis tries to keep the two from meeting, in order to avoid each of them learning that Francis is also working for someone else.


Francis Henshall: A scheming assistant to both Stanley and Roscoe(Rachel). Francis is always trying to turn any and all situations in his favour. Aged in his twenties to thirties. Francis is described as “cheeky and chubby” with a clumsy innocence. Francis is based on the commedia Character Truffaldino and is motivated by basic desires (food and carnal pleasures). Francis is a very physical role often incorporating very exaggerated movements and gestures.


Rachel Crabbe: Twin sister to Roscoe, Rachel spends a majority of her time disguised as her dead, gangster brother adopting his cold and ruthless demeanour. When she breaks character she is energetic and light, contrasting Roscoe. Aged in her twenties. Rachel/Roscoe is the over exaggeration of masculine.


Stanley Stubbers: An upper-class twit and Rachel’s lover. Stanley is high energy and of an athletic build. Stanley presents with confidence and command around all. Stanley is aged somewhere in his twenties to thirties and is a rather physical role, having to keep pace with Francis.


Charlie “The Duck” Clench: A retired gangster, father of Pauline and good friend of Harry Dangle. Faint menace behind him however is aware his day is behind him. Intimidating presence to others however is equally intimated but Roscoe (Rachel) himself. Charlie is somewhere in his forties to fifties however can be played younger and aged up. Charlie is based off of the commedia character Pantalone.


Pauline Clench: Daughter to Charlie, previous fiancé of Roscoe and currently engaged to Alan. Pauline is as dim-witted as they come, loosely referred to as the “dumbest of blondes.” She is in her young twenties and is based off of the commedia character Clarice.


Harry Dangle: Alan’s father, and Charlie Clench’s crooked solicitor. Heavy set, dapper and faintly sleazy. Often plays second fiddle to Clench however isn’t afraid to assert himself when needed. Aged somewhere in his fifties. Harry Dangle is based of the commedia character Lombardi.


Alan Dangle: Pauline’s fiancé and wanna be actor. Alan fancies himself a “star material type” however couldn’t be further from it. Alan is aged between his twenties and thirties and is a very physical role involving over dramatic gestures and accentuated dialogue. Alan is based on the commedia character Silvio.

Lloyd Boateng: Charlie’s friend and an ex-con, now owner of the Cricketers’ Arms. Aged somewhere in his forties to fifties. Lloyd is written as Jamaican. Lloyd is also the pubs chef and is based on the commedia character Brighella.


Dolly: Charlie’s secretary, Dolly is strong and independent and controls most of her scenes. She is in her twenties to thirties and is described voluptuous and flirtatious. “Wiggles on heels”. Dolly is based on the commedia character Smeraldina.

Gareth: Head waiter at The Cricketers’ Arms, Gareth overseas operations with a flick of the wrist and a lifted eyebrow. Almost a bystander to the antics of Francis, is responsible for Alfie.


Alfie: First day as a waiter at The Cricketers’ Arms, is described as ancient. Hard of hearing and nearly blind. Bowed back and shuffled when he walks. Alfie is depicted as very old however can be aged up to that point as it is a very physical role.

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Sunday 7th August 12pm to 4pm

Tuesday 9th August 6pm to 9pm
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