Date: Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th March
Time: 7pm-9:30pm
Location: The Shed, Overport Park, Frankston
Contact:   or call   0439939120
or book your time


Mr Grainger - senior salesman in his 50's+
Mr Mash - cheeky maintenance worker in his 30's-40's
Mr Rumbold - department manager in his 40's-50's
Mr Lucas - junior salesman in his 20's-30's
Miss Brahms - junior saleswoman in her 20's-30's
Captain Peacock - floor walker in his 40's+.
Mrs Slocombe - senior saleswoman in her 40's+
Mr Humphries - salesman in his 30's+.
Man 1, Man 2, Woman 1, Woman 2 - character actors required to play multiple roles. English and Spanish accents required.


We are also seeking interest in production team roles ie; stage manager, costumes, set building, props, lighting, sound and front of house.

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