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Author: Morgan Rose

Director: Elli Haskett

Genre: Comedy / Drama


Frankston Theatre Group are looking to cast its second play for 2023 ‘Fast Food’ by Morgan Rose, directed by Elli Haskett as our Act 2 youth production. The production is scheduled to open July 28 at the Mount Eliza Community Centre. ‘Fast Food’ will be our Act 2 youth production for 2023.


Fast Food is an original, poignant comedy that flips an ordinary day in a chain restaurant and propels us into the fantasies of its protagonists. Fast Food looks at the gig economy through the lives of five people just trying to dream of something better. Some are there by choice, others just haven’t figured out what else they should be doing. Life starts to take on a new meaning when hands are busy … and hearts and minds begin to wander. Developed through the Red Stitch INK new writing program, this is the second INK commission from playwright Morgan Rose, following her acclaimed work, desert, 6:29pm. Real, intelligent, and incredibly funny, Fast Food is a moving, exhilarating piece about the realities of the fast-paced, soul-crushing world of ultra-convenience.


Auditions will be held on Sunday April 23 4pm – 8pm and Monday April 24 5pm – 8pm. 


If you are unable to make either of these times please email the director, Elli Haskett at Listed below are the roles we are looking to cast. We strongly encourage indigenous Australian and other BIPOC people to apply.




Leonard: Male

  • Team Member

  • Has been working at this establishment there for 1.5 years.

  • He is in his early 20’s.

G: Female

  • Team Member

  • Has been working at this establishment for 4 Years.

  • She is 19 years old.

River: Male or Female

  • Assistant Manager

  • Has been working at this establishment for 3 years.

  • They are 17 years old.

Rosemary: Female

  • Team Member

  • Has been working there for 2 weeks.

  • She is in her mid 40’s

Troy: Male

  • Manager 

  • Has been working in this establishment for 6.5 Years.

  • He is in his mid 20’s.


Sunday 23rd April @ 4pm - 8pm

Monday 24th April @ 4pm - 8pm

To book auditions email:

Elli Haskett

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