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Author: Andrew Bovell

Director: David Dodd

Genre: Drama


Bob and Fran Price have loved each other for over thirty years. They have built a home and raised four strong children. At the end of it all, they are left asking: Was it worth it? Who are we, now that the children have gone?


Things I Know to be True is a funny and honest account of family life in the Australian suburbs. Over the course of one year, the four adult Price children struggle to establish their identities and deal with personal crises.


Bovell structures his play around a single year, and over its course each of the Price children hits a point of emotional rupture with their parents. Terrible words are said and entire life paths are questioned. Each one of the Prices must face the fact that (in Rosie’s words): ‘People aren’t perfect. Even the people you love. Especially the people you love.’


This classic play, premiered in 2016 , by Andrew Bovell (Lantana, The Secret River, When the Rain Stops Falling) is about growing up and moving on, even if you’re not ready to.



The Price Family

BOB (63), retrenched Auto Factory Worker

FRAN (57) Senior Nurse

Their children:

PIP (34) Education Department bureaucrat

MARK (32) Information Technology Specialist

BEN (28) Financial Services Worker

ROSIE (19) Who doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to be yet.


Sunday 16th October @ 6pm

Monday 17th October @ 7:30pm

To book auditions, either text or email:

David Dodd

0411 096 433

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