History Boys - 2021

"L'Anglais, c'est interdit."
"Dull, dull, exceedingly dull. A Triumph! The dullest of the lot."
"Let's not ask for the moon, we have the stars"
"You've been a long way away."
"History? Its just one effing thing after another."
Cutler's School photograph
"How come they told me?"
History rattling over the points
Bye bye blackbird.

Season's Greetings - 2019

ACT II - Gaslight - 2019

Jack & Bella Manningham
Jack Manningham calls Lizzie
Bella meets Inspector Rough
Rough hatches a plan with Bella
Jack Manningham & Nancy
Jack Manningham 'Gaslights' Bella.
Inspector Rough confronts Jack
The Police arrest Jack Manningham
Bella's revenge upon Jack

Yes Prime Minister - 2019

Director & Cast members
Claire Sutton, Rt Hon. Jim Hacker MP., Bernard Woolley
Simon Chester & Jim Hacker
PM hiding under the table
Hacker and the Ambassador
Jim Hacker & Bernard Woolley
Jim Hacker needs a drink!
PM being filmed
Cast Announcement

Caravan - 2019

Parkes, Monica, Penny & Pierce.
Parkes negotiating the door.
The Cast
Pierce & Gwendolyn.
Penny, Pierce, Parkes & Rodney.
Monica, Gwendolyn & Penny
Pierce & Gwendolyn.

Exit Laughing - 2018

(L-R) Millie, Connie & Leona
Leona makes an entrance
Connie is confronted by Rachel-Ann
Connie develops a thirst.
Millie, Leona & Connie meet The Law.
Bobby reveals his true self to the ladies.
The Ensemble
Toasting their lost friend.
The ladies enjoying life in Hawaii

ACT II Charley's Aunt - 2018

CA 1
CA 4
CA 7
Ela Delahay & Fancourt Babberly
CA 3
CA 8
CA 9
CA 12
CA 11
CA 13

Albert Nobbs - 2018

Farndale Avenue Murder Mystery - 2018

Caught in the Net - 2017

The Importance of Being Earnest - 2017